How can I create my profile? #1


You can create your profile for free or paid to occupy the best positions on the site.

Ads can only be created if you are a registered user. Open a new user account or log into your account and in the left menu you will find the section for creating an ad. You can create multiple ads, as long as they are different.

Repeated advertisements or spam, will be automatically eliminated and the account will be blocked.

Agencies can manage all ads from a single user.


1.- Create a user account

2.- Access the side menu

3.- Create a new ad

4.- Complete the data

5.- Load your profile images

6.- Accept the profile

7.- Proceed to payment


I can't access my account, what can I do? #2


First, make sure you have entered the correct username and password (uppercase or lowercase).

If you have forgotten your password, please use the page Recover a password.

If you still have problems, please email


I cannot upload and/or Add images to my profile: why? #3

Accepted image format types must be .jpg, .png, .gif.

Photos should preferably have a vertical orientation.

The maximum dimensions allowed are:

Width 3600px - Height 3600px - Max. 4500Kb

If your images exceed these limits you can send them to us by e-mail, and we will upload them to your profile. Please send the images in multiple emails, and let us know which cover image will be.

You Can Use for resize your pics.


I am a man. Can I create an Escort profile? #4

Of course, the profiles of male, female, duo and trans companions are allowed on our site.


How can I pay for VIP profiles? #5

It is possible to pay by Visa, Master Card, American Express or Bitcoin credit card, by any other type of means available at the end of the order process after confirming the purchase of your ad.


Do I have to pay monthly, or is it a permanent registration fee? #6

This is a purchase for the period you select, when this period ends we will send you an email a few days before disconnecting your ad, informing you that the period purchased is ending. You will be able to easily choose again the service duration period and the plan you want for your ad.


Will an Escort or similar Reference appear on my Bank account after payment is made? #7

NO, on your account statement it will only appear, a payment made to paypay, which is the company that manages payments for, without any reference to our page or to the type of service. Totally discreet , reliable and fast.


When will my ad activate? #8

After making the payment, you will receive a confirmation email that the payment has been made correctly. Another e-mail is sent to the site administrator, who personally checks all ads before activation to ensure that everything is correct and all data is complete. After payment we have an activation period of approximately 1min to 1h


Can I edit my profile once created? #9

Of course, from your user account you can modify all your profile data. Both add or change the order of the images, as well as remove it permanently if you wish.


Can I paralyze my ad? #10

For VIP and Super VIP listings only, you can email us the day you want it paralyzed, we'll keep the days you have as available, and we'll activate those days when you want, you only need to send an email requesting activation.


How do I verify my images? #11

In your user account menu you have all the information to check your profile pictures.